The Airworthiness certification license

helping to further uav development and create safer environments

On the morning of June 13, 2018, the unmanned certification laboratory was officially opened at the Beijing International Exhibition Center. Sun Xiaomei, Dean of the Civil Aviation Management Institute of China, and Zhao Guocheng, Chairman of Ewatt Aerospace, attended the ceremony and jointly unveiled the new airworthiness license.

The China Civil Aviation Cadre Management School is a direct subsidiary of the Civil Aviation Administration of China and the only undergraduate institution of higher education of the Civil Aviation Administration of China.  The Aircraft Airworthiness Certification department, as a secondary unit of the college, is mainly engaged in short-term training related to aircraft airworthiness management and research projects. As a long-term, stable, and priority-strategic partner of the China Civil Aviation Management Institute, Ewatt Aerospace will set up this lab to classify UAVs, provide grading standards, airworthiness certification policies and technical advice on procedures and technical standards, etc., along with a platform for both parties to conduct in-depth technical exchanges on airworthiness inspections.


Airworthiness is not just for aircraft services but mainly for public safety


 The massive annual output of 2.9 million aircrafts has allowed drones to gradually become a new name for “Made in China “. As an important operating platform, drones have been widely used in power, logistics, surveying, photography, meteorology and other fields, rapidly showing great potential for development and value. As a civil aviation product with public properties, if the airworthiness management requirements are not considered, the future development of UAVs will be lacking. Research on the airworthiness management of civil drones will provide necessary technical support for the development of domestic industries and contribute to the healthy growth of the world’s civil unmanned aerial vehicles industry.

The Vice President of Ewatt Aerospace said “The UAV industries research and development along with production and sales of the drone technology industry should strengthen the cooperation between production, learning and research. Through the joint construction of enterprise and airworthiness, we can develop research on the standardization of the airworthiness technology industry, establish and improve the technical standards system of relevant industries, guide the healthy development of the industry as a whole, considering both the technology itself and the scenarios in order to maximize the safety of drones.


After the inauguration ceremony, the two parties conducted in-depth discussions on the laboratories and expressed that they will both continue to conduct cooperation in production, research, relying on the unmanned aircraft airworthiness certification joint laboratory as the basis, giving full play to the China Civil Aviation Technology. The comprehensive strength and advantage resources of the company, promote the integration of airworthiness theories and practice, further helping to develop drone airworthiness testing.