Basic Flight Training

The basic flight training course will include training and orientation of the aircraft, and basic flight maneuvering, danger zones (anything within 20 feet of the aircraft), manual flight, height hold flight, GPS assisted flight, and the fundamental principles behind each one of the flight modes.

                                                                                                  GPS Mode

                                                                                              Manual mode

                                                                                          Height hold mode

                                                                                        Battery maintenance

                                                                                                 Battery logs

Part 107 Test Prep

The FAAs Part 107 test requires knowledge, in many different aviation disciplines including reading and understanding VFR Sectional charts, understanding aviation weather briefings, and the effects the weather has on the aircraft, airspace and applicable rules and regulations, etc.  EWATTs part 107 training course will teach you all the knowledge necessary for you to pass the FAA Part 107 knowledge test, and recieve your sUAV pilot license unlocking your earning potential in this new and expanding market.

Ewatt Aerospace Training

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