Ewatt attends poly world trade center expo

November 23-26, 2017


The China Mobile Global Partner Conference was held in Guangzhou at the Poly World Trade Center Expo in the Pazhou district of China. China Mobile joined industry partners at home and abroad to explore new modes of industrial cooperation in areas of all-internet connectivity and build new ecosystems of industries.

At the expo, artificial intelligence and many industrial partners in the international level of innovative achievements were debuting smart appliances, super artificial intelligence chips, unmanned simulation robots and the first online/offline assembly of a drone.

For the first time, the conference will organize 5G Future Museums to showcase the latest achievements of partners of China Mobile and the China Mobile 5G center, that demonstrates 5G’s extraordinary application based on the trial network, so that audiences can feel the life brought by 5G.

Ewatt and China Mobile partners were invited to participate in this year’s conference, with China Mobile’s Research Institute newly debuting the UAV communication base station inspection system and the UAV “smart charging platform”.

The highlights included “The 5G future and all-things creators Chongshan Marathon Finals”. The 10 teams who qualified for finals each performed on-site shows. After the vote, Ewatt and China Mobile Research Institute Lianchuang, won the first place prize.

China Mobile’s 5G joint innovation center aims to promote multi-form outputs by exporting technologies, solutions, services and applications, demonstrating achievements and exploring new business models for the development of 5G based on innovation and entrepreneurship. At the press conference, the China Mobile 5G Joint Innovation Center released 10 major innovations around 5G covering industry, application and cooperation, meaning that 5G is entering the stage of industrial application research from technology research and development. One of the innovations is UAV.

Once the UAVs are in place, they’re equipped with remote control, HD map transmission, precise positioning, control and a status monitoring function. The report analyzes the 4G +/5G cellular network and explores the networks ability to host UAV’s. With regulations, the use of technical means for proper supervision of UAVs and low-altitude coverage optimization, real-time path planning and real-time charging, are very important.

Where there’s mobile network, there’s a communication base station. The azimuth and down tilt of the station are important for optimizing the network. Currently, the operation is dangerous due to artificial climbing tower measurements. In view of this, we’re in favor of using UAV technology, GIS and photogrammetry technology to achieve automatic measurement of azimuth and down tilt, making base station inspections efficient and safe.

In view of the battery life of the UAV during inspection of the mobile communication base station, Ewatt has designed an automatic charging platform. When the UAV’s battery is down a certain degree, the UAV’s high-precision navigation and vision via RTK Guide technology will achieve precise landing. Afterwards, the charging process is started, and charge information is displayed on-screen in real time. When the charging platform detects full charge, the UAV begins take off and continues the mission.

According to Ewatt’s technical staff, this platform is ideal for power inspections, base station inspections, construction sites, railroad, oil and gas exploration and other fields. With dangerous working environments, people may not be on-site, thus improving the life of the drone without having to change the battery. With UAV charging platforms, it will expand the industry and provide a good start for the current UAV long-distance life of the system.