Vertical Take Off Fixed-Wing

The EWG-E2 has been critically acclaimed for years- and now you can experience why. Developed by our team of designers and engineers, these products are truly unique. Because we're confident that you'll be satisfied, we provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee for all buyers.

The streamlined shell reduces air resistance during flight and provides excellent aerodynamic stability.


The EWG-E2 VTOL is a vertical take-off fixed wing aircraft, meaning that it does not require a catapult to take off. The EWG-E2 also has parachute recovery and a belly landing. The aircraft is very light (16.5 pounds) and incredibly durable. It takes 7 minutes to complete the assembly and take-off.


The characteristic of throwing by hand is to fundamentally solve the problem of the demand for the UAV taking off from the ground and enhancing the emergency capability of the UAV under geological disasters or natural disasters.

Carbon fiber composite material, paint shell, greatly improving the body strength and toughness.

The EWG-E2 has a spacious payload compartment with 4.4lb capacity which allows the use of high-end cameras and combinations of multiple payloads e.g. infrared + RGB.

Having a vibration resistant payload compartment makes for hosting mapping grade payloads (SONY A7R), and has extremely sensitive hyper spectral cameras.