Surveillance & Security

Over the years of EWATTs close cooperation with the different agencies of Chinese Police, we have received a good insight into the real conditions faced by the multiple agencies

At EWATT we know that law enforcement officers conducting surveillance and other operational activities put their safety at risk. UAV systems developed at EWATT support the security and emergency response forces by increasing their effectiveness onsite and limit the risk undertaken by the teams deployed on the ground

Applied Innovations

Innovations at EWATT in the design of UAVs mean that they are smaller, more agile, better controlled, with longer flight times and are better equipped for use by our emergency services.

EWATT UAV systems dedicated for law enforcement agencies can be fitted with a wide range of payloads, that include:

  • a variety of cameras, such as laser-based night vision cameras, infrared cameras, RGB cameras, all equipped with military-grade optical and digital zoom capabilities and stabilization systems,

  • and a wide range of equipment such as tear gas releasing systems, window breaking tools, loudspeakers and much more.

Key Benefits

There are some obvious advantages of unmanned systems. For example, utilizing drones for reconnaissance allows for a drastic increase in the safety of civilians and the law enforcement officers deployed on the ground. The use of autonomous patrolling UAVs for a dramatic increase in the geographical scope, time efficiency of patrols. Also, UAVs replace more costly surveillance equipment such as manned helicopters at a fraction of the price.

                 Extended fight times and larger payload capacities

EWATT drones designed to carry heavy-weight payloads allow the use of high-grade payloads, which often exceed 1kg in weight. The fully electric EWZ-D6 allows the performance of surveillance tasks with a 1kg payload for over 50mins without the need to land. While the gas-powered multicopter EWZ-110 equipped with 5kgs of professional cameras allows flights with heavy payloads for 2hrs!

                   Intuitive manual and fully autonomous operation

All EWATT drones are equipped with fully autonomous and manual modes. The data transmission with 3G and 4G as well as digital video transmission allows pilot/payload operator to take over the drone controls at any time. The intuitive tablet interface allows for replaying missions stored in the cloud, or designing new flight plans on the go.

Fire departments can now use EWATT UAVs to fire locations as scouts, using gas sensors and cameras with thermal imaging technology to help first responders in their rescue efforts.

Missions in Light Conditions
Missions in Light Conditions

The POD series gyro-stabilized EO/IR systems that comes with high resolution and high optical zoom real image cameras, coupled with 640×512 infrared thermal cameras it is the perfect solution for changing light conditions. The unique vision system performs exceptionally well in missions conducted during twilight or dusk, search and rescue missions and during firefighting support.

Asset Monitoring
Asset Monitoring

EWATT offers complete UAV solutions for the monitoring of fixed assets.

Day & Night time Surveillance
Day & Night time Surveillance

EWATT UAVs allow for covert surveillance of areas previously inaccessible to security forces.

Crowd and Riot Control
Crowd and Riot Control

Whether ensuring safety at a major event or dealing with civil unrest UAVs can deliver a real-time bird’s eye view of critical areas so rapid decisions can be made.

Vehicle Tracking/ Traffic Managment
Vehicle Tracking/ Traffic Managment

The VTOL fixed-wing UAVs are a great asset when tracking suspect vehicles or managing traffic flow.

Border Patrol/ Coast Guard
Border Patrol/ Coast Guard

Adopting VTOL fixed wing aircraft for border control and coast guard services enables agencies to concentrate their resources.


With a huge number of modular payloads, EWATT is able to tailor your UAV to ensure that you have the right combination of UAV and payload for the successful completion of any mission. At EWATT we like to work closely with agencies to ensure that the system meets every requirement. Contact us today for a full consultation for all your UAV needs.


EWATT UAVs provide for quick, effective aerial video and photographic documentation of any outdoor crime scene, arson, or vehicle crash reconstruction.  Having the necessary information could likely be very beneficial, if not critical, to understanding crime scenes

Fire Services

Fire departments can now deploy EWATT UAVs to fire locations as scouts, using gas sensors and cameras with thermal imaging technology to help first responders in their rescue efforts.

Anti-Drone Applications

In addition to the systems using drones, EWATT offers solutions focusing on securing airspace from the invasion of drones and illegal flights. Geo-fencing systems for protecting enclosed areas from drone intrusion
Anti-drone (drone jamming) systems including
jamming rifles and jamming antennas