EWATT performs real-time control of UAV's thousands of miles away

On September 27th, 2018 at the China National Power Website Launch Conference, State Grid Co. and the Science and Technology Achievement Conference, Beijing Xiangfei Technology brought this science-fiction like scene into reality and realized the excellence and precision of UAV's as they operated them thousands of miles away.

The core technology of this platform is to use the ground control station function of the DMS platform of the company to realize complete remote functions. For example, at the Beijing conference, the 4G network can be used to replace the radio communication on-site in Wuhan, China. According to field staff, “This function is a practicality for this technology. After testing, the control delay can be kept within 1 second, and the screen delay is within 2 seconds. The operation is completely remote and low-cost. In the future, with 5G low latency and large bandwidth, the drone can be remotely controlled with high-precision and high reliability, thus achieving intelligent inspections and more accurate remote drone monitoring.”

On-site the EWATT staff introduced the company’s cloud computing, big-data, RTK high-precision positioning, A.I. technology among others, providing one-stop refinement and intelligent drone management for industry drone users. Data analysis product solutions will comprehensively improve the processing power and efficiency of the drone business.

The platform can quickly build drone information integrated management system for customers to realize various information such as monitoring drone altitude, positioning information, flight-mode and GPS information, flight level, vertical speed, battery voltage, etc., and complete it through 4G network. With this, UAV users achieve complete remote control over the drone, one-button take-off, downloading of information gathered by the drone itself, editing, control of pan/tilt, video recording, etc.

In addition, the platform products can provide SaaS software services for enterprise-class drone applications, supporting different types of public and private clouds (private networks). Driven by the wave of digital transformation, the trend of these enterprises on these cloud is becoming more and more obvious. With the UAV sharing platform as the main focus, the company enjoys the application of regulatory technology, network technology and video technology. Through SaaS services provided to customers, this helps enterprises to cope with the challenges of digital transformation and jointly promotes the process of complete digital transformation of enterprises.