The Espect quad-copter is optimized for industrial inspection applications. Thanks to its small dimensions, sufficient flight endurance and wide range of hot-swap industrial grade cameras, the aircraft is suitable for completing the most common inspection of static infrastructure of power, oil & gas, tele-communication and for law enforcement, fire fight and search & rescue missions.

Stable Performance

Full proof integration of in-house developed aircraft structure with flight controller assures flight stability

The datalink & videolink operation supports up to 2.0km of unobstructed range

Aircraft can operate at -20 to +65C temperature and 3500 meter ( at sea level) altitude which is suitable for most geographic locations

Flight stability retains up to 8 m/s in windy conditions


With EWATT developed 3-axis gyro stabilized 4k resolution camera, X10 optical zoom digital camera and IR camera POD, the Espect lets users have a clear view of a mission. The Espect has a detachable adapter mechanism that allows fast payload interchange; this makes ease of use and convenience.

Smart Battery

Espect is powered by 9500mAh smart battery pack with a charge level indicator and ON/OFF safety key. With integrated battery monitoring system assures balance charge and prevents over-charging of the battery cells. The power supply system can record the number of charge/discharge events for battery life cycle monitoring.

Portability & Mobility
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The aircrafts small dimensions, balanced combination of payload capacity & endurance and rugged transportation case makes the overall Espect system favorable and ready to fly!



Flight Endurance

(with 350gm payload)


Max payload capacity

15 m/s

Max flight speed


Max take-off weight