EW-X500 Ground control station

The EWZ-X500 ground station system has a high-performance industrial computing core, built-in eight ground station rotor software system and a high- sensitivity wireless digital data receiver and wireless video receiver. It has support for operating levers and keyboards and other operations, as well as a military standard certified alloy housing. With anti-dust, water, anti-static, sturdy drop, suitable for field operations.


The EW-X500 ground control station system uses a military grade mobile computer as a platform thats waterproof and the screen has a 15.6-inch high LCD screen. The system has a large battery capacity, with a full load life of more than 4.5 hours and an embedded dual display system, that supports a variety of video sources.


Ground control stations are an essential part of the UAV system, enabling users to:

  • Predefine the flight route for the autonomous missions

  • Operate the aircraft

  • Obtain real-time preview from cameras and other sensors

Flight Planning

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Survey & Inspection Types

The GCS offers industrial users with a wide array of predefined inspection and survey types that can be further customized according to the specific requirements of the mission. Upon request, EWATT also offers embedding of new industry-specific inspection types.

Fully Autonomous Operation

The clear and intuitive interface makes planning missions as well as building and sharing mission libraries within organizations incredibly simple. The two-step mission planning allows the user to arrange a flight route in 2D and adjust the flight altitudes in different 3D modes.

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Collecting data from sensors and aircraft operation is fully autonomous and therefore easier than ever before. The embedded safety functions prevent the need for industrial users to pilot the aircraft manually in difficult environments and during emergency situations.