Ewatt Aerospace Participates in Switzerland’s Inauguration Ceremony for GLObal uav industries

On April 18th, 2018, the inauguration ceremony of Switzerland’s European headquarters was held in Zurich. This was an important step in the strategic layout of the globalization industry of Ewatt Aerospace.


Lorenz Meier (the Founder of Pixhawk), Markus Hehn ( CEO of Verity Studios), Cyril Halter (Founder of Sensefly), Lukas Huber ( Swiss Government Official), and Chen Benmei ( Professor of the National University of Singapore) were in attendance. The industry elites from Germany, Italy, Singapore, China and other countries came together to share and exchange themes of “Cooperation, mutual support and win-win results”.


At the event, Ewatt Aerospace chairman Zhao Guocheng stated, “Everyday, from the day of its establishment in 2010, Ewatt has committed itself to creating an industrial revolution in aviation and an international, world-class company. As you can see, Ewatt is growing and advancing globally. The successful establishment and formal operation of the Swiss branch is an important milestone for development. Branch companies are responsible for providing products and services for overseas markets, participating in technological research and development, while working with global UAV companies. These UAV companies set up the important task of investment cooperation and achieve a major strategic mission of simultaneous development with the main office. “

 Ewatt Aerospace chairman Zhao Guocheng, also said “Currently, the civil drone industry is complex and changeable. Only by uniting as one and embracing development, can we gain opportunities for rapid development in a fiercely competitive market. Ewatt Aerospace remains open-minded and retains willingness and excellence. “


Dr.Rolandhuber, CEO of Swat Switzerland, stated that the core strategic goal of the company is to establish a cooperative and innovative cooperation platform to jointly develop products and services; applying new technologies, to develop new products and new businesses, and to help Ewatt further expand in Europe. The business of civil drone markets uses external brains and forces to achieve technological advancements, innovations and development to achieve ecological win-win results.