EWATT was invited to give advice and suggestions for future Wuhan progress during Mayor Zhou Xianwang’s investigations on the city of Wuhan’s innovation and current development work.

On October 16th deputy secretary of the municipal party committee, Mayor Zhou Xianwang and members of the municipal party committee and deputy mayor Li Youxiang went to the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau to investigate the city of Wuhan’s innovation and development work.

At the symposium on Innovation and Development of Wuhan City, Mayor Zhou Xianwang first listened to the report on the progress and future plans of Wuhan and informed the responsible persons of the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Municipal Economic Information Commission and the Municipal Recruitment Bureau. Mayor Zhou Xianwang also exchanged views with representatives of Wuhan’s high-tech enterprises and listened to opinions and suggestions on the innovations of Wuhan. Mayor Zhou Xianwang pointed out that in order to achieve high-quality developments, Wuhan must first take innovation as the major driving force, accelerate cultivation and growth of high-tech enterprises and find the true incentive for high-quality developments, so that Wuhan gains motivation during swift expansion.

Zhao Guocheng, Chairman of EWATT Technology Co., Ltd in China and Ewatt Aerospace in the USA, was invited to attend the meeting and speak. In the face of the new trends of private economy, combined with the developments of EWATT itself, Chairman Zhao Guocheng reported to the Mayor Zhao Xianwang on joint strengthening of Wuhan’s aviation science and technology, promotion of project landing, scientific and technological achievements, along with government support for private enterprises.


On three issues, I hope that the municipal government will provide support and the help to better promote the innovations and development of high-tech enterprises in Wuhan. I hope to promote the international drone expos as soon as possible. I also hope to support enterprise technology. These results will be transformed and developed and a new city with military and civilian integrations, aviation and the Internet of Things will be constructed. It is hoped that with the support of local governments, capital markets will also help enterprises to develop rapidly, Said Chairman of EWATT Zhao Guocheng


Mayor Zhou Xianwang expressed his strong approval for the proposal of the organizing of the international drone expo. “ I hope that the relevant functional departments such as the Science and Technology Bureau will give strong support, make overall arrangements and actively make promotions. “

How to better promote technological developments, Mayor Zhou Xianwang stressed that Wuhan, as the city with the largest number of college students in the world, has rich modernization resources, and the development of high-tech enterprises should be at the forefront of national cities. He demanded that the benchmark domestic advanced cities, focusing on the number, output value, contribution rate and other indicators of high-tech enterprises, should pay attention to the quality and efficiently of enterprises, and truly play the role of building a strong industrial chain and resolutely prevent one-sided pursuit of enterprise development. To create industry support and industrial clusters, deploying and developing high-tech enterprises around the pillar industries, will increase investment and integration policies, further enhancing the accuracy of policy supply, rationally allocate resources and fully stimulate the vitality of young people’s innovations and entrepreneurship. For the problems encountered in the development of enterprises, Zhou Xianwang requested the establishment of a special report system to further enhance the pertinence of problem solving.