EWATT Aerospace was invited to attend the innovation fair held by Caltrans to highlight new technology and innovations in transportation.

The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) District 7, hosted its Innovation Fair on October 29, highlighting new technologies and concepts in the realm of transportation. The fair lasted from 11:30am-2:30pm and featured the latest advancements in technology and innovative concepts in transportation. Caltrans employees, local transportation agencies and private industries presented new approaches to active transportation, wildlife protection, safety and security improvements, communicating with the public through virtual reality and the advance of workflow processes.

Kicking off the Innovation Fair, transportation leaders and executives provided insight on the importance of innovation and keep up with the ever-increasing demands of a rapidly changing transportation system. They acknowledged the diverse and abundant workforce of Caltrans, local agencies, and private industries that contribute their passion and ideas to respond to the challenges.

EWATT turned many heads at the Innovation Fair by presenting the EWZ-S8, an industrial-grade multi-rotor UAV which has extended flight times and is a semi-autonomous UAV which is capable of mission planning and surveying when coupled with its ground station system. EWAT also displayed the the EBR-I a fire extinguishing POD that consists of a dropping device capable of carrying spherical double fire extinguishing balls onto fires, among many others. EWATT demonstrated to many onlookers, the complete importance of using drones and their service providing PODS, for transportation purposes, whether it be surveillance, firefighting services, police safety or emergency rescue missions.

Diversity communication representatives felt compelled to do an interview with EWATT Sales Manager Matthew Stinson as they found the EWATT technology very intriguing in this quickly evolving field. “The situational awareness and thermal imaging are the two main elements that fire departments are seeking in a drone. EWATT Aerospace manufactures all its own aircraft and payloads, with most of its drones carrying a five-kilogram payload or better. Stinson says Ewatt makes the EWZ-S8 coaxial multirotor UAV “in a modular design that makes setup and breakdown very quick and painless. It can use a number of different payloads, ranging from high-powered zoom cameras to search lights, while still keeping a 30-minute flight time.”

EWATT enjoyed meeting many potential partners and the unique diversity of people within the transportation world is ever expanding and growing day by day. EWATT left an imprint in the minds of all those who stopped by and had questions about the exciting technology.  When the people think of UAVs, they will remember EWATT Aerospace and its distinctive role in the transportation industry and how EWATT can help save lives and help create a safer world.



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