EWATT Aerospace attends the World’s Largest Firefighting Expo

April 30, 2018


From April 23rd to the 28th, as a bridge connecting the worlds firefighting industries, EWATT attended FDIC (Fire and Emergency Rescue Expo) in Indianapolis, Indiana at the Indianapolis Convention Center and Lucas Oil Stadium. FDIC provided a broad stage for exchanges and cooperation between domestic and foreign counterparts in the fire protection industry. EWATT team members attending the expo were able to immerse themselves into world-class firefighting rescue technologies and explore the industrial model and manufacturing concepts behind these advanced technologies.  EWATT displayed the EWZ-S8 multi rotor, powerful and reliable flight performance, industrial grade obstacle avoidance technology and exquisite design aesthetics.

The Fire and Emergency Rescue Exhibition was sponsored by the famous Pennwell Group, here in the United States. It showcased the worlds most advanced new products and technologies in the field of fire disaster relief and emergency rescue. The exhibits covered various types of fire engines, UAVs, , fire emergency communications, fire protection technologies, disaster relief and rescue equipment and other world-class fire rescue equipment and materials.

EWATT Aerospace exhibited cutting-edge UAV systems, throwing modules, firearm throwing modules, wireless proclamation systems, infrared systems, emergency lighting modules and face recognition systems, attracting the attention of many visitors. In particular, the firefighting module has been noticed and frequently spoken of and liked by many relevant personnel of firefighting bureaus in dozens of cities across the United States, showing strong cooperation intentions.

According to the leader of the EWATT based U.S. Company, “the EWZ-S8 multi-rotor UAV independently developed by our company, EWATT Aerospace, is the star product of the eight UAV systems we have. After years of research and development and iteration, this mature product has been prepared. It is highly favored and its use of carrying different load modules can be perfectly applied in the fields of firefighting, electricity, surveying and mapping, inspection, security, logistics, etc., and has won the recognition of customers in many industries. “Said Chang Liu of the U.S. branch of EWATT Aerospace.

“In the US market, EWATT provides “private-custom” industry solutions specifically for U.S. customer needs, making it suitable for disaster detection, fire inspection, projectile firefighting and emergency security in a specific environment. Customers are particularly good and quite popular. “

As an early stage civil drone enterprise for police use in the field of firefighting, EWATT has and is committed to becoming a “global industry benchmark”. With the advancement of EWATTs internationalization strategy, we believe that the scene of firefighting and rescue in the United States and even in the world will have the appearance of the EWZ-S8 Multi-Rotor UAV.