Ewatt Breaks Unconventional Methods in Sports Using Drone Analysis Tactics

Seeing from a new perspective
Live Interview with Wuhan TV

As one of the largest amateur sports in Wuhan, China, with the highest level of public participation, the  Wuhan Divisions “ China Champions Soccer League “, competed in a match on June 6th.  Ewatt Aerospace was on the scene with the industrial UAV, The EWZ-S8, in the use of aerial photography as a precedent for research and analysis of technical and tactical techniques for the game. Ewatts EWZ-S8 live-streamed aerial footage of the match. The Wuhan Liang Jiang River soccer team has been active in the sports industry in recent years. The team has 8 foreign aids and has its own industrial unmanned aerial vehicle, dedicated to the collection of large data for the game itself.

Wang Xiaoshi, who is one of the team’s investors, was a player of the 1982 Wuhan Soccer Youth Training team. He was the first local striker after the retiring Cai Xin, and after retiring has devoted himself to the development of Chinese social soccer. The teams co-founder, Zhao Guocheng, Chairman of Ewatt Aerospace, said with a smile “It is no secret that our amateur soccer team is definitely a breath of fresh air in Wuhan. Although we are an amateur team, we are open-minded in using internationalization and technology, using UAVs to collect all kinds of data for game analysis tactics to improve records and help the team better progress. “

In an interview with Wuhan TV, Zhao Guocheng said, “For the first time, the team used a drone for tactical analysis and to receive the best results for player’s position, position of attack and formation of defense movements, shooting from the air, using UAVs with an equipped camera, provides better results.  In the future, there will be more and more application scenarios for UAVs and more UAVs will be used in work and everyday situations. In sports events, live broadcasting, aerial photography and tactical analysis will surely be used continuously and more often, in the future.  I believe that eventually everyone will have a UAV equipped with a camera. We also believe that drones will allow more people to enjoy the fun it brings and create value in these products.”


Ewatt Aerospace field technicians stated that “Using ordinary cameras, we can only see a certain point of view, but with drones, one can look down at the field and see the space to be utilized in-game. For the team, the UAV is a good auxiliary tool, it can fly 1-2 kilometers, has real-time zoom for following targets, these materials are very valuable in the sports field. “

What we can see from a high-altitude perspective is not only the trajectory of the team players but also the videos recorded by the drones to analyze how the opposing team is coping tactically, how to move on through the game and so on.  In many cases, whether it’s a good or bad game, the player’s cooperation is particularly important. In fact, no matter how the player reacts in the game, it will have an impact on his teammates. However, these issues can be solved through the analysis of valuable information fed back by video from the UAV.

As an aerial data collector, drones can be flexibly observed from many different perspectives.  Collecting and processing data extensively and comprehensively and excavating values through analysis are the most important. From marathon to cycling to cross-country rallies, the combination of UAVs and sports have produced unparalleled results. Now soccer has merged onto this road.