Ewatt Clears The Skies of Birds For The IAF World Aviator Conference in Wuhan

November, 14, 2017

The world flies to Wuhan and Wuhan embraces the world. The long-awaited "2017 IAF World Aviator Conference  in Wuhan, China was grandly opened at Hannan General Aviation Airport on November 4th, 2017. The Wuhan Municipal Party Committee Secretary Chen Yixin and mayor Wan Yong attended the opening ceremony. More than one thousand athletes from 37 countries and regions in the world opened the "Flying Carnival." The event was jointly sponsored by the International Federation of Aviation Sports, China Aviation Association, Wuhan Municipal People's Government and Hubei Provincial Sports Bureau.


This year for the very first time, Wuhan Development Zone and Wuhan Sports Bureau undertook this event and it will become a new normal for aviation and sporting events. The "2017 World Flight Conference (WFE)" lasted 4 days and 4 nights, including flight shows, competitions, interactive experiences, and other content. The most important aspect to the 2017 IAF World Aviator Conference was the need for clearing the skies of birds for stunt performers and aerobatics. 


Instead of participating in such international conventions in the past, Ewatt Aerospace had one very important security mission: To drive away the airport birds and create a safe haven for Hannan Airports performances, to create a clean, useable sky.


The effective working height of the traditional ground-based bird-driving equipment is 80m. Since the planes take off, land and fly at low altitude mostly at the level below 200m, then using the UAVs to carry out “bird driving” activities can effectively reduce the airborne bird-blind dead zones and extend the flying space.


Birds own the sky and they’re also the number one enemy that threatens the safety of human aviation. Bird collision and prevention is a worldwide issue. The International Air Transport Association has statistics showing about 20,000 bird-strike accidents occur each year in the world, which has become a major hidden danger to flight safety. Recently, the CCTV “military reports” section reported that Yuan Wei, the deputy captain of a naval carrier aviation group, encountered a flock of birds within one minute after take-off, in a training flight. The birds collided with the left engine, causing it to catch fire immediately.


During the high-speed flight of an aircraft, even the most obscure sparrow has devastating destructive power. It has been estimated that a bird of 500g in weight collided with a 370-km/h aircraft during flight would have a strike force of up to 3 tons of the aircraft itself.


For bird-driving applications, Ewatt Aerospace combines UAV systems with existing ultrasonic bird-fighting technology to allow the eight-rotor UAV to be equipped with an ultrasonic bird-repeller that is fixed remotely or pre-programmed according to the airspace requirements of the airport routes patrolling these flights. This special bird-fighting technology emits sound frequencies that form auditory stimuli for birds. The UAVs of course, form the visual stimuli, all of this combined drives the flock of birds out of the core flight zone.  Airborne ultrasound bird equipment and high-definition cameras can be achieved with high-altitude bird monitoring and other functions.

1. Ultrasonic bird control devices with a built-in microcomputer, generated by the microcomputer ultrasound. The ultrasound has three different frequency range options and each frequency range also contains a number of frequencies, through the built-in power amplifier to enlarge the ultrasound.  This disturbance stimulates birds, animals in order to achieve the purpose of driving away.

2. Built-in infrared detection:  infrared detection of birds and animals

3. Built-in high-power ultrasonic horn:  ultrasound can be fired 180-degree angle. 4. Built-in timer: you can choose (such as 20 seconds or 5 minutes) times for repeated launches of ultrasound and repeated launches can make scare birds and other animals and many times, after repeating this function, the birds and animals will not return.