Ewatt debutes industrial cloud platform at police expo in china

The 9th China International Police Equipment The Expo (CIEPE 2018) was grandly opened in Beijing on the 15th of April. A large number of advanced military, police equipment and technologies were unveiled at the National Convention Center including UAVs, cruise missles, armored assault vehicles, remote weapon stations, individual thrusters, high-precision sniper rifles, and micro submachine guns.

Building a New Type of Smart Police Service Has Become the Main Melody of the Times

At present, emerging informational technologies such as the Internet, big data, and artificial intelligence are rapidly developing globally. They're continuously coupled with the public security system and continuously superimposed. Artificial Intelligence has increasingly become a key constituent element in areas such as anti-terrorism, firefighting, and security management. It has profoundly affected the public security officers’ office management and detection efficiency.


The theme of the forum is “Intelligent policing under the global counter-terrorism pattern”. Domestic and foreign authoritative experts and academicians are invited to tackle the issues of anti-terrorism, cybersecurity and other social issues facing public security in the complex international situation. Constructive solutions are explored.

Changing manpower with drones and increasing efficiency with smart UAV platforms

At this year's World Expo, EWATT took part in the exhibition with the theme of “One-Stop Platform Solution for UAVs” and organized three series of products: “UAV, airborne equipment, and enjoyment of the flying platform” to participate in the exhibition. As an intelligent product, drones have the advantages of “very accurate, reliable, fast transmission”. Real-time monitoring can be realized by carrying high-definition cameras, face recognition and tracking, and propaganda amplification. The functions of data collection, fixed-point tracing and other functions are particularly obvious in such areas as anti-terrorism operations, urban prevention and control, traffic management, fire and rescue, anti-drug border defense, and illegal construction. "Leaving simplicity to civilian police, leaving the complex to the machines", drones inject strong potential into the construction of new smart policing.


UAVs change manpower and increase efficiency with smart platforms. EWATT and Beijing Guotai Beidou Science and Technology Co., Ltd. launched the “Shangfei” platform, which builds regulatory information based on operators, drones, pilots, and airspace applications to fully help UAV users meet regulatory requirements. , Data statistics, trajectory analysis, tracking functions, terrain data and other multi-dimensional help, let the drone to maximize the release of the police force, improve the core combat effectiveness of public security.

The EWZ-H6 oil-electric hybrid six-rotor UAV. Powered by hybrid power supply system, very powerful, life time up to 220min.

Cloud platform exploration industry truly intelligent


At the conference site, the first unveiled EWATT [Shangfei] industry drone intelligent management platform (DMS) attracted the attention of industry experts and customers. As a key research and development project of Yiwat, the platform is established by an excellent team of senior experts, senior consultants, expert team of technicians, and EWATT’s experienced flying team, focusing on providing drone industry users with complete drones. The SaaS (Public Cloud) platform service and PaaS (Private Cloud) solution help enterprise users rapidly construct integrated information management and data computing and sharing platforms for drones, and fully realize the intelligent management of UAV operations for industrial users.


It is reported that PaaS refers to Platform-as-a-Service, which means “platform as a service”. It integrates flying hands, Unicom users, and connects massive drone terminals together to realize airspace data services and drone data computing services. Comprehensive mission management, drone IoT platform, unmanned aircraft big data cloud service, unmanned aerial vehicle integrated dispatch management integration.


The head of the project, Tian Tian, ​​said that in the context of the Internet age, the manufacturing and application methods of China's industrial industry are undergoing changes. Industry 4.0 emphasizes the value of data, and many industries have started to work out layouts in this area. As a drone industry with huge data volume and room for growth, it is also necessary to realize innovation and lead in this technological change. Enterprises should improve the overall production efficiency through the application of the internet and big data from the design level to the practical level. The birth of the "Xingfei" platform is precisely to improve the application efficiency of the UAV industry demand and data value.



Driven by multiple factors such as user demand pull, national strategy guidance and enterprise competition intensification, the applications of civilian UAV in news, film and television, logistics distribution, agriculture and forestry plant protection, weddings, police, firefighting, land mapping and energy inspections are being further developed. The UAV intelligent service management platform will be promising for the future. Open platform intelligence will be the next hurdle, which is why Ewatt Aerospace focuses on the one-stop service platform for drone intellectualization and continues deep research.  

The EWZ-S8 Multi-Rotor UAV

Fire fighting UAV

The EBR-I Fire Extinguishing dropping module