Ewatt unveils exciting new technologies

Over the years, Ewatt Aerospace has been at the forefront of the UAV industry, releasing incredible UAV and payload systems that have been pushing the industry forward. Ewatt has been providing a full series of UAV aircrafts, including helicopter, multi-rotor and fixed wing.  Ewatt has also developed various payloads for different applications such as firefighting, surveillance, rescue, inspection, surveying and mapping. Ewatt Aerospace is fully committed to designing, crafting and assembling the best UAV products available and with this has come new technologies that will propel them even further into being a market manufacturing leader.

Ewatt has released a few new pieces of technology in the past few months with one being the new EWZ-H6 Hybrid system, which is a new UAV that will have payload capacity of 10 kilograms, or 22 pounds, and has an incredible flight time of 1-1.5 hours with that much payload weight! Ewatt Aerospace has taken a very innovative approach to their hybrid power system, and unlike most conventional hybrid systems, Ewatt has decided to configure the system in such a way that the two-stroke engine runs a consistent RPM and powers a generator that provides the electrical power for the aircraft. Also, if the generator capacity is increased in the UAV, the aircraft will be able to handle even more payload weight. The system also has additional redundancy built-in, in the form of on-board batteries that are not actively charged or discharged while the system is functioning but, instead, are only there as a back-up power source in the event that the primary power source fails, helping to add redundancy to this already exceedingly industrially capable platform.

Over the next several years, Ewatt Aerospace will be pursuing the designing of a smaller, simpler, more quickly to deploy and recover, UAV aircraft system that will better compete with many of the smaller sized UAV’s at a lower price point that can compete with other UAV companies, whose flagship products are smaller-sized and cheaper UAV systems. 

Ewatt’s Italian R&D center is currently working on a new aircraft that will harness a newly developed 2stroke engine as its primary power source. This new aircraft has the ability to regulate the fuel mixture in real-time autonomously, with no inputs from the pilot, ensuring that the engine can run smooth and perform well in many environments, where other aircraft may be hampered, or not able to perform at all.

Ewatt continues to innovate and evolve, creating a variety of new and exciting UAV technologies. In this trend, Ewatt is constantly trying to improve the intelligence level, and explore the industrial utilization level for its UAVs. With the further development of this industry, Ewatt will continue to lead the way and pave new roads. The future holds many interesting aspects for the company and Ewatt will bring new, compelling future developments over the coming year, creating more possibilities.