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October 26, 2017

Ewatt turns heads in Las Vegas at the 2017 Commercial UAV EXPO

Ewatt recently attended the 2017 UAV Expo in Las Vegas, NV and spent three days meeting potential customers ranging from industrial, search and rescue to agricultural and Ewatt also met many potential partners in the fields of software development, optical specialists, collision avoidance, etc.

At the conference, Ewatt displayed the impressive S8 multi-rotor, which has extended flight times and is a semi-autonomous UAV which can do mission planning and surveying when coupled with the ground station and the E3 fixed wing that has long flight endurance and is also semi-autonomous. Ewatt also displayed two payloads, the POD-Z10 with 3 AXIS X10 Optical zoom, a comprehensive pod that can be used on all EWATT Aerospace UAV products, and the POD-Z363 with X36 Optical zoom, which provides longer range capabilities than any other Ewatt pods as well as facial recognition capabilities. These unique UAVs and payloads caught the attention of passerby’s, who had many questions about the impressiveness of the systems and their functions.

Ewatt learned about new advanced developments in UAV technology which they will eventually develop for their UAVs. Ewatt has distinguished itself once again at the Commercial UAV Expo. Diversity communication representatives felt compelled to do an interview with EWATT Sales Manager Matthew Stinson as they found the technology very intriguing in this quickly evolving field.

 Ewatt attended conferences and speeches ranging in topics from the ever-evolving rules and regulations of the FAA, the industrial use of drones and drone technology, future advancements in technology and about Trumps executive order for drones. Ewatt also attending various meetings with industry authorities about standard practices and standard operating procedures within a few key industries for EWATTs Industry specific training criteria it is developing.

Ewatt employees enjoyed meeting many new faces at the UAV Expo. The unique diversity of people within the UAV world is ever expanding and growing day by day. Ewatt Aerospace will certainly be returning next year as there was so much to be learned from the experience and many connections made. Ewatt Aerospace has absolutely left an imprint in the minds of all those who stopped by and had questions about the Ewatt technology. When the people think of UAVs, they will remember Ewatt Aerospace and it’s distinctive role in the UAV industry.