On the afternoon of January 6, 2018, the 3rd annual drone 100-company conference was held at the Langham Hotel in Shenzhen. The UAV industry forum was jointly sponsored by Shenzhen UAV Industry Association, China UAV Industry Alliance, China UAV Racing Alliance and Shenzhen Rainbow Eagle UAV Research Institute.


The conference focused on “The safety control of unmanned aerial vehicles and leading the revolution in smart industries". The site unveiled the 2017 Top 10 UAV Innovation Awards in China. After receiving the prestigious award in 2016, Ewatt was re-selected as the "Top 10".


Ewatt's path to Innovation Insisting on technology-driven development has created unconventional growth that is hard for other companies to replicate. As of the end of 2017, Ewatt has applied for more than 700 patent applications and transformed the achievements of a large number of technological innovations into new products, among which are the "Smart Charging Platform", "Broken Windows Fire Extinguishers" and "Airborne Face Recognition System", etc. The new products have gained market recognition. The "Intelligent Charging Platform" is the winner of the "5G - Create the Future and Alliances Creators Marathon Finals" championship.



It is reported from the relevant national authorities, domestic industry organizations, industry experts, business representatives, news media, members of the association from Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea and other heads, attended the conference. The Chairman of Shenzhen UAV Industry Association delivered an opening speech and invited Professor Lan Yubin, director of the National Precision Agriculture Aviation Technology Development Research Center, conducted a round-table dialogue on the development trend of the industry by leading UAV entrepreneurs.


The 2017 Top Ten China Police UAV Developments



The January 7, 2018 National Security Community Festival delegation was held in Shenzhen. From the government departments, security industry associations, well-known business representatives and industry experts and scholars, all gathered and explored the past years outstanding achievements in the security industry field as well as summed up its challenges and new opportunities.



During the meeting, several awards including the "Top Ten Brands of 2017 Police Equipment in China" and “Top 30 Intelligent Transportation in China 2017” were selected. With its extensive application of UAV related products and its good reputation in the industry, Ewatt won the "Top Ten Brand of Police Equipment."



According to the Public Security Bureau Public Security Office, Ewatt became the first of full range drone pilot training qualifications of enterprises; Ministry of Public Security issued a "police unmanned aircraft system” formally incorporated into the "Public Security of the People's Republic of China Industry standards “, Ewatt approved the “general technical requirements and multi-rotor unmanned aircraft system standards” drafting unit and not only that, Ewatt is also actively involved in large-scale domestic criminal detection work, assisting the police to complete searches, inspections, deterrence and other tasks.



It is reported that at the meeting of the National Association of Urban Security Cooperation and Cooperation Alliance chairman Yang Jincai, Shenzhen City Association of Smart City, chairman of high Xiaguang and other leading experts’, held speeches. Xu Zhenqiang, deputy director of China Urban Research Institute Digital Center and other experts and scholars conducted a speech entitled "2018 New Smart City Development Judgment" and other topics.