Ewatt Aerospace wows crowds at National Science Day in Beijing China


Co-sponsored by the China Association for Science and Technology, the Central Media Relations Department, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Chinese Academy of Sciences at the 2018 National Science Day event, lead the theme of “Innovation Leads the Times” on September 15th in Beijing, China.

 This year’s National Science Day Beijing was located at the China Science and Technology Museum and the Olympic Park Celebration Square. The expo area of the China Science and Technology Museum is divided into five parts and 232 exhibitions, including international science and technology, the frontier of life-saving technologies, future innovations and international science and artificial intelligence exhibits. Frontier products such as virtual reality, represented scientific and technological achievements from the past 40 years, along with innovative works of young people and science and technology applications closely related with human life such as electricity, environment, transportation and medical care.

The crowds at the Science and Technology Museum surged, especially in the virtual reality and UAV (drone) booths. Visitors lined up early to experience the feeling of a shuttle under-the-sea and the excitement of soaring among the blue sky.

Participants stopped by to visit Ewatt Aerospace, the UAV booth, with Ewatt displaying their integration with the experience of virtual reality and drones, which have a mutual sensibility. In the world of science education, entertainment and deeply vivid images, the spirit of exploration has been stimulated and the experience has been deeply realized with unmanned aerial vehicles.

Technology is solving real problems of life in a near revolutionary way!

 Applications of sophisticated technology in daily life allows everyone to perceive intelligent life brought by modern technologies such as education, intelligent medical care, smart cities and intelligent unmanned aerial vehicles.

The camera technology gives the drone a pair of “eyes” to keep up with its relative location and position, while in air. The artificial intelligence algorithm is improved and is equipped with a sort of “brain” to allow it to learn and analyze the best possibilities in a short time-frame.  Using a flight route, the UAV gathers and transforms its work, whether it be logistics and distribution, police and firefighting, forestry plant protection, energy inspections or land surveying. Once this knowledge has been gathered, the information is then converted into data and intelligence.

Technology has made the world a better place. The development and application of drones have brought us great convenience in many fields, which has brought great changes to many lives. With the continuous technology of drones, in the near future, our lives, may be inseparable from the UAV figure. Under the impetus of artificial intelligence, it will surely change the world on a much deeper scale!