Gas-powered VTOL Fixed-Wing UAV

  • High-strength all-carbon composite structure offers rock solid performance even in extreme conditions.

  • The modular design of the aircraft makes it easy to transport. All modules fit into 1 compact shipping case.

  • Low fuel consumption of less than 1.5L/100km cruise mode.

  • Twin tail boom makes the aircraft stable and very responsive to rudder movements.

  • Fully autonomous operations including take-off, transition and landing.

Flight Performance

4.5 hours without payload

2 hours with 5 kg payload

Max take-off weight: 24kg

Cruising speed: 24m/s

Max flight altitude: 4000m

Safety Functions

The EWG-G3V integrates a number of safety features. These include the recovery of the aircraft in case of low voltage, communication system failure, or GPS failure. Under such conditions, the aircraft switches to Emergency Mode and lands in a safe spot or returns home, depending on the preferences predetermined by the pilot before flight.

The flight control system constantly monitors the status and condition of the propulsions system and provides real-time feedback to the ground control station. However, the aircraft is also capable of conducting certain recovery actions autonomously, such as re-igniting the engine.



Flight endurance

(without payload)


Max payload capacity


Max cruising speed


Max take-off weight