Global Smart Statistics Summit: How far are we from Unmanned Logistics?

With the continuous improvement of the safety performance and intelligence of drones, drones have stronger autonomous decision-making capabilities, perception and avoidance, anti-jamming capabilities, and more intelligent and efficient drone air management systems throughout the city. The last leap of drone logistics may not be far away. On May 31, 2018, the world's attention once again focused on Hangzhou, China. The 2018 Global Smart Logistics Summit (GSLS 2018) with the theme of "The New Logistics Age" was held at the Hangzhou International Expo Center in China

Future Logistics Will Turn From Physical Power to Brain Power

At the opening ceremony of the summit, Ma Yun, Chairman of Alibaba Group's Board of Directors, said that today's logistics in China is bigger than ever. Whether we talk about 50 billion parcels or 80 billion parcels, it is ultimately based on manual labor. Tens of thousands of couriers have to rely solely on physical demands, this requires multiple tasks using their bodies, where couriers are prone to injury. But in the future of the logistics industry, he firmly believes that it must be mental work and brain-driven. In the past 20 years, many of us have turned people into machines, and in the next 20 years we will turn machines into people.


To this end, he announced that he would invest hundreds of billions of dollars to build a national intelligent logistics network backbone. “If 100 billion is not enough, we will invest hundreds of billions of dollars and put most of the investment that Alibaba can have into logistics.” Because they believe only the infrastructure of logistics is good and only the entire logistics backbone network is good, and the whole manufacturing industry will undergo tremendous changes. The real economy will truly become a social support, a national support, and the world's support.

Unmanned, Smart Glimpse into Future Logistics

Faced with the rookie, this "national intelligent logistics backbone network", logistics technology, the Internet is bound to be the future trend of logistics development. In recent years, as e-commerce logistics companies and express delivery companies have been overweighed, drone logistics distribution has long been not a new word. The company is building a three-level smart logistics systems of “main line-branch-ends”, together with unmanned warehouses and drones, forming an unmanned layout for the entire process to achieve closed-loop application of unmanned logistics technology. Unlike previous innate impressions, UAVs are expanding their functions and they are playing a much bigger role.


Ewatt Aerospace, as a strategic partner of Suning, jointly developed a vertical oil-vehicle fixed-wing UAV this year. It has a simple atmosphere and a double vertical tail linkage design. Compared to a general fixed-wing drone, it has a larger rudder effect, more sensitive steering movement, and can realize steering movement in the event of a steering gear failure. Flight control autonomously controls multiple rotors. Switching with fixed-wing mode makes the aircraft safe and can monitor airspeed in real time. In addition, this drone also has the characteristics of long flight time, heavy load and other characteristics: 8 kg of flying can reach more than 100 kilometers, fully meet the needs of Suning and the vast majority of logistics companies in different logistics scenarios.

Ewatt Assists Suning in Speeding the Layout of Unmanned Layouts

From the logistics point of view, the user wants the drone to solve the two main issues of efficiency and cost. Drones are more efficient and less expensive than traditional delivery. While large-scale retailers and logistics companies compete for the "new track" of logistics drones, more and more drone manufacturers are actively deploying this new application scenario. The Ewatt Logistics Division was established in 2015. It has carried out many years of in-depth cooperation and technical support with Suning, and has explored, in-depth, the technological development in the era of “air smart logistics”.



According to the person in charge of the Logistics Department of Ewatt, “The evolution of intelligent technologies to logistics has been an irreversible trend. While improving logistics efficiency, drone distribution combined with big data, cloud services, and hardware equipment applications is a new brand new logistics system. In the future, we will continue to further explore the 'Logistics + UAV' industry applications, and actively build a smart logistics network for air-to-ground integration. We will combine value and reconstruction of technology, scenarios, and merchandise around the logistics path to promote the establishment of a longer logistics industry. Effective technology-driven model."