With the ever faster development of power grid performance at high-voltages and ultra-high voltage loads induce the need for developing modern methods of grid inspections that can offer increased safety, security and efficiency. This has spurred further utilization of non-destructive, remote testing via UAV platforms which do not require sending a lineman or disrupting the power line operation. The UAV inspections are the best suited solutions for inspecting mountainous regions comprised of thick foliage or disasters such as landslides, earthquakes and fires, that can be effectively monitored and supplied using UAV systems.

Thanks to recent advancements in UAV technology such as; increased payload capacities, faster flight speeds, longer flight times and simplified operations. In China, utilizing UAVs for power-line inspections has proved to benefit the user in terms of both time and cost savings.

The NDT equipment mounted on the UAV platforms enables capturing images of transmission line corridors, transmission towers, insulators and the overhead lines with ease and accuracy never seen before. Furthermore, it is at a sustainability lower cost as compared to manned helicopter inspections.

Infrared inspections

Apart from the real image camera, there are many sensors that can help to detect and show vulnerabilities and defects of the overhead lines. Most of these defects (i.e. broken or spread strands, corona) cause the over heating of lines, this is why using a thermal image for power-line inspections are very beneficial.

Powerline Inspections

The EWZ-D6
The EWZ-D6

The EWZ-S8
The EWZ-S8

The EWZ-D6
The EWZ-D6


Ewatt UAV solutions for power grid inspecting systems include:

  • Multi-rotor and VTOL fixed wing UAV

  • A wide range of airborne sensors & cameras including RGB, IR, UV

  • Airborne tools including airborne flamethrowers

  • data processing and reporting services

  • specialized training for power-line inspectors

Payload & Service Overview

EWATT power-line inspections UAV systems may be customized to integrate a number of payloads to complete the following types of inspections and services:

Real Image

  The real-image camera is the most common airborne sensor for inspecting power-lines. EWATT UAVs capture detailed pictures of HV pylons at nearly any given angle. The substantial payload capacity and modular design of EWATT UAVs allow for the addition of supplementary specialized cameras and sensors.

Infrared Imagers

The image IR sensors identify the components of the grid that are overheating. The small sensor can be mounted jointly with RGB cameras and other sensors, enabling the capture of data from multiple sources during one flight.

Corona (UV) Camera

This is one of the most advanced NDT techniques used to detect corona discharge on insulators long before they become visible to the naked eye.

Power-line Flame cleaning

EWATT designed and manufactured airborne flamethrowers that have been widely used by power companies for clearing debris (e.g. plastic bags, kites, etc.) from overhead power-lines, enabling them to prevent further costly issues.

Corridor Inspections

The EWG-E2V is a lightweight VTOL fixed-wing UAV perfectly suited for corridor inspections and mapping missions. With its considerable range and payload capacity of 2kg, the EWG-E2V allows for the use of high-grade cameras or multiple sensors simultaneously and vertical take-off and landing,  thus notably outperforming foam aircraft.

Cutomized Solutions

With a full range of heavy-duty drones, modular payloads and years of expertise in UAV power-line inspections, the EWATT team can create customized solutions to meet your specific professional needs.