Ewatt Aerospace Attends National Electricity Conference in Beijing

From September 27th to the 28th, 2018, the “ Chuangxiang China “ National Electricity Website Conference and the State Grid Co., Ltd. Science and Technology Achievements Conversion Conference was held in Beijing. State Grid companies such as the China Electric Power Research Institute, State Grid Energy Research Institute, State Grid Economic and Technological Research Institute and other related units all participated in the conference. Relevant leaders of China National Development and Reform Commission, State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, the China Science and Technology Association and State Grid Corporation of China also attended the meeting and visited the expo.  

At the promotional meeting of scientific and technological achievements with the theme of “Innovation Leading the Future “, the State Grid project, 33 innovations and many new technologies and new products to be transformed were released and the company’s 38 units exhibited over 150 different exhibits. The remaining scientific and technological innovations included key technologies such as UHV, smart grid, new energy, e-commerce, smart car networking, energy storage, big data, artificial intelligence and industrial internet.

State Grid Hubei Electric Power Co., Ltd. exhibited a smart inspection UAV system for transmission lines. In daily power inspections, the EWZZ-S8 intelligent drone is equipped with RTK to achieve accurate centimeter-level positioning and found pin-level defects, which can completely replace manual inspections. The operating efficiency of the EWZ-S8 is more than 20 times that of manual inspection.

According to field staff, the most powerful part of this UAV system is not just seen on the surface.  Try imagining a picture displayed on the computer, in real-time, that’s transmitted over a UAV that is 1000 kilometers away. Although it is a long-distance picture, the picture is very sharp. The control delay can be kept within 1 second, and the screen delay within 2 seconds, which truly realizes the remote operation and low cost of the field work.

It is reported that this function is remotely controlled by the remote ground station (GCS). The UAV intelligent management platform can quickly build a drone information integrated management system for customers to realize the monitoring of drone attitude, position information, flight mode information, GPS information, flight level, vertical speed, battery voltage, etc. On the 4G network, users are able to full remote control access to the UAV, one-button take-off and landing, editing, controls such as pan/tilt as well as video recording.

In addition to intelligent inspection UAVs, wind farms, photovoltaic power plant cluster control systems, cable pipeline network information intelligent management systems, digital-mode integrated automatic detection platforms, emergency special-purpose robots and other scientific research results were unveiled. At the meeting, the latest developments in the implementation of the transformation of scientific and technological achievements of the State Grid Corporation were demonstrated. Under the guidance of the strategic thinking of the State Grid Corporation in promoting technological innovation, the State Grid Corporation adhered to innovation-driven development, created a good environment for innovation, seized the commanding heights of science and technology, and led the innovation of the power grid.