Science and Technology | Ewatt Aerospace helps Chongqing police in aviation construction

On July 26th, 2018, with the successful completion of the second phase of the police unmanned aerial vehicle pilot training course, the Chongqing Public Security Bureau police drone driver training officially ended. After one and a half months, 72 key personnel from various public security systems in Chongqing completed two training courses for police drone driving and all the members passed the final technical and tactical assessment.

This is the first time that the Chongqing Municipal Public Security Bureau has concentrated on the training of police drone drivers. During the 18-day study and training, the participants received systematic training on the theory of drones, covering aviation regulations, drone power systems, flight principles, drone flight control systems and aeronautical meteorology.


Although the theoretical course is easy to understand in this training, it is not easy to get started in flight practice and can be difficult. According to the instructor of the coaching staff, “Because of the short training time and fast pace, some of the trainees have the first contact with the police drones, so there will always be some problems that arise in the training “. For this specific situation, the coaching staff conducted special intensive training to make timely explanations and counseling.

In addition, this training not only improved the practical ability of the trainees on the drones, but also strengthened the understanding of the strong police presence in science and technology.  “ Everyone attaches great importance to this drone driver training. I feel that the 18-day training is hard work, harder than the college entrance examination. As one of the high-tech criminal investigation methods, drones have greatly improved and also improved the efficiency of public security work. Therefore, we did not regard this training as a light activity, but to acquire knowledge and master skills. “ said one of the trainees.

“ This training is an important measure taken by the Chongqing Municipal Bureau to comply with the development trend of police aviation and to carry out the science and technology according to the needs of the police aviation mission in Chongqing. Today, the students who participated in the training passed the assessment, which is a systematic presentation of the Ministry of Public Security’s implementation of the important directive of their efforts to improve the core combat effectiveness of public security. It is also another outstanding achievement of Chongqing’s police construction work over the years.  It is necessary to firmly establish the concept of science and technology, strengthen independent innovation, continuously improving content of public security work and equipment support capabilities, providing strong support for safeguarding national security and social stability.”

As the first batch of police drone driver training units approved by the Ministry of Public Security’s Police Aviation Office, Ewatt Aerospace is guided by the actual needs of public security personnel training and civilian police training, with complete functions, first-class facilities and systematic training programs. Based on the foundation, we are committed to building a training base for police aviation personnel for public security across the country.