We will train you to fly!

Flight Training

The basic flight training course will include training and orientation of the aircraft, and basic flight maneuvering, danger zones (anything within 20 feet of the aircraft), manual flight, height hold flight, GPS assisted flight, and the fundamental principles behind each one of the flight modes.

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Training Site
EWZ-S8 Rescue

Training Includes

  •  You will  learn about fail safes of advanced GPS assisted aircraft including RTH, lostlink, etc.

  •  -There will also be basic camera knowledge

  • Full access to our chief pilot for questions

  • Learn the capabilities and applications of UAV aircraft and industrial, agricultural, mapping and surveying, etc ( The drone era)

  • Basic components and how the system functions as a whole

  • Autonomous flight introduction

  • Learning pre-flight checklists and safety principles

  • Emergency procedures

  • Basic flight controls

  • Safe take-off and landing

  • Introduction to proper calibration of the UAV sensors and systems to ensure accurate flight and data recording

  • You'll have access to an FAA Part 61 license in manned systems, who brings real world flight experience from manned conventional aviation

  • Safe and accurate flights

 You'll also have a stress-free environment with a certified flight instructor always ready to take control of aircraft if needed. You will learn how to unleash the full potential of your drone!